Yahoo's continued bank balance blowout now involves Sky News. Following the $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, the Flickr buyout and the GhostBird iOS developer purchase, Yahoo is now to begin broadcasting Sky News footage live online during breaking news events.

On top of showing breaking news on the Yahoo site, the Sky morning breakfast show Sunrise, will also appear online. There is no word of the cost of the deal, but we imagine after Yahoo's recent purchases, the finance guys will be having a few sleepless nights.

Rondee, a free conference calling service, has also been picked up by Yahoo. Whether this results in a Skype-style video calling app from Yahoo remains to be seen. The GhostBird iOS purchase relates to Yahoo's Flickr app and will likely result in GhostBird's photo expertise being instilled in the Yahoo app.

Currently the only other place you can view Sky content on the web live is via Sky Go, which works on both desktop, tablets and smartphones. Whether the Yahoo live news content appears on every platform is still to be announced.