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(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: Pocket-lint has been in contact with Sky. The satellite TV service provider and broadcaster told us that contrary to earlier reports, it has no intention whatsoever of offering the Xbox One to its subscribers, as a set-top-box or otherwise.

"We have no plans to sell Xbox hardware as part of a Sky subscription," a Sky spokesperson explained. "We have a longstanding partnership with Microsoft by which we distribute our content via Sky Go and Now TV on Xbox. We look forward to continuing to work with them as part of our commitment to giving our customers more ways to watch Sky programming in addition to their Sky+ HD box."

So there you have it.

You can find the original story below...

Sky is reportedly in talks with Microsoft to sell the Xbox One next-generation console to subscribers. However, rather than being added to existing packages as an extra, it is claimed that Sky might offer it as a separate set-top-box.

Games industry magazine MCV says it has been told about the plans by sources familiar with the situation. It also speculates that the box could include a Sky satellite tuner or act as a video recorder in the future, although we suspect only the latter of these s probable. The magazine suggests that initially the subscription from the provider and broadcaster could be centred around an Xbox One and a pre-installed Now TV or Sky Go application.

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What a subscription deal would certainly offer would be a cheaper way to get hold of the next-generation console. Price is still to be announced, and although it is currently being listed at £600 for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk, we expect it to be more around the £400-450 mark. A monthly subscription fee could bring the initial outlay down considerably, in much the same way that a mobile phone contract spreads out a lot of the cost of a device over the contract length.

Sky has had a good working relationship with Microsoft for a number of years, having an internet streamed version of its service available on Xbox 360 since 2009. "We enjoy a long track-record of innovating with Microsoft on the Xbox platform and will explore any future opportunities offered by Xbox One," it previously told Pocket-lint.

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It could therefore be seeking to enhance the offering on the Xbox One in order to bring a more expansive Sky service to areas and buildings that can't have a satellite dish.

However, with the Xbox One offering an HDMI input and the ability to switch from games to live TV through the new Kinect sensor, it is just as likely that it will be bundled with a Sky+ HD box in order to kill two birds with one stone.

We may find out more at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles next week. Pocket-lint will be there in force to bring you all the news as it happens.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 6 June 2013.