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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has updated its Sky+ Android app bringing with it a proper advanced search functionality and Google-style instant type search results. The app's look remains unchanged for the most part, but the intelligent search should speed up the rate at which you locate programmes through the app.

It should make for a quicker search experience on tablet and smartphone than the Sky+ HD box itself, which is handy for Android users. The best way to think of the new-style search is like Google Instant. Each key you hit will bring up the closest result to that letter, with results gradually becoming more accurate the more letters in a word you type.

The results aren't taken only from Sky's TV guide, but also from the On Demand section of the service. This way you can see what is on TV right now, as well as being available to download and watch from Sky's growing On Demand library. 

"We’re now taking the Sky+ experience even further with enhanced search letting customers find shows in a more intuitive and faster way," said Luke Bradley-Jones, brand director for TV products at Sky. "And as more customers use search, the richer the technology that powers the search suggestions will become.”

The update is available now and will be pushed out to current app users via Google Play. Those who are big fans of On Demand are likely to enjoy its new ability to line up downloads to your Sky+ box. Don't forget either that the app will already let you control your box remotely, allowing you to channel change without a remote. 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 4 June 2013.