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(Pocket-lint) - Almost a year after telling Pocket-lint that it hoped to broadcast some Formula One live coverage in 3D, Sky has announced that the third test from Circuit de Catalunya will be the first to get the three-dimensional treatment.

Simultaneously broadcast on Sky 3D as well as Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports F1 HD, all four days of the testing period between 28 February to 3 March will be shown in 3D. It is planned to be a unique, one-off special broadcast at present, with no further plans to expand the 3D coverage into the 2013 Formula One itself, so we imagine Sky will be just as keen to see if it works as much as we are.

Pocket-lint was told in February 2012 that testing would represent the best opportunity to give 3D a dummy run. "We've got a lot of challenges and one of them will be, at some stage, to potentially do some 3D," said Martin Turner, executive producer, Sky Sports F1 HD.

He explained that the teams have few opportunities to test and drive their cars and, therefore, there are few opportunities to film them in a such a radically new way (in terms of the extra equipment needed).

"They're very much restricted with tests - three testing sessions - in order to keep down the costs. So, the opportunity to find events where we could go and take our 3D cameras, to set up and show what it looks like are few and far between," he told us.

After the news that it would indeed be broadcasting from a testing session, Turner was naturally excited. "This is groundbreaking. We’re as excited as the next fan to see what Formula 1 will look like in 3D," he said in a statement.

Sky 3D is available at no extra cost to Sky customers with the Sky World package, the HD pack and a 3D TV.

What do you think of 3D motor sport? It happens in the US, but not so much over here. Does it work? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.