Sky has updated its Android app, bringing with it the remote control feature previously available only on iPhone and iPad.

This update introduces several improvements and some cool new features to the Sky+ app for Android 2.2 (API 8) devices or above, claims Sky. 

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The first is the Sky Planner Management feature that lets users view and manage their Planner, book recordings and reminders and delete items.

The second is the remote control feature that lets users swipe to rewind,  and fast forward, tap to pause / play, as well as swiping to change channels.

sky for android adds planner manager and remote control features image 9

To use the new features you will need a Sky+HD-compatible box connected to the same broadband network as your Android device.

The app, which is available free from the Google Play Store, also offers a TV Guide and Remote Record functionality so you can record shows when you are away from home and view highlights if you don't know what to watch.