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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has added the ability to record On Demand and Catch Up recordings direct to your Sky box while on the go from the company's iPhone and iPad app. 

The new feature introduced on Tuesday means Sky users who also use the services accompanying iPhone or iPad app will now be able to queue movies and TV shows to watch when they sit down on their sofa. Frustratingly the new feature on the app works only when the user, that's you, is connected to the Sky+ box on your Wi-Fi network at home, but Sky tell us that they are working to make it possible to line shows and movies up via the app when you are on the train home.  

The new On Demand area of the Remote app, which came to the iPhone only in November, is divided into a different areas including Showcase, Catch Up, Library, Movies, and Sky Store. 

Showcase, as you can imagine, showcases the latest and greatest, while Catch Up shows the latest shows from ITV, Channel 5, Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, and Sky Arts, as well as Sky Sports. Sadly at the moment, BBC iPlayer listings aren't supported. 

The Library feature lets users see the most popular content available on Sky's On Demand service including recently added shows, last chance, themed box sets, numerous channels like Alibi and The Disney Channel, as well as, breaking it down into categories like Sports, Kids, and Entertainment. 

The Movies area replicates the Movies section on your Sky box, while Sky Store lets you order films from the broadcasters a la carte rental service - things like Dark Knight Rises and Brave. 

Once you've worked out what you want to watch, you can simply press the download button on the app to kickstart the box under your tele doing something with the app sending an instruction to your connected Sky box. 

In a quick test on the Pocket-lint office Sky box the download instruction was instant, making it perfect for queuing up films or content on the loo, or if you've been too lazy to find the remote. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.