Sky Broadband has announced that new customers will be getting a new router, dubbed the Sky Hub, which promises the "best wireless range of any major provider" in the UK when they sign up for the company's broadband packages.

"The Sky Hub provides the best wireless range of all major ISPs’ routers and lets users get online even further away in the home," the company says. "This means that customers need no longer worry where the router is located in the home." 

The new Sky Hub does this by including 4 MIMO aerials inside as well as automatically scanning for potential interference in the home before selecting the best wireless channel, to give the strongest and most reliable connection available. 

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The router comes with 4 x 100mb Ports with activity LEDs so you can plug most of your kit in the back, such as your Xbox 360 or TV.

The new Sky Hub, will come as standard for those customers joining or switching their broadband to Sky from 18 October.

The Sky Hub costs £69 and is available on an exclusive offer to all existing Sky Broadband customers for £39 for a limited period.

UPDATE: We've now tested the new Sky Hub. Find out we got on with the Sky Broadband Sky Hub pictures and hands-on