National treasure and wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough explores the hidden lives of the plant world in a new, three-part series Kingdom of Plants 3D with David Attenborough, from Sky 3D.

The series - which begins at 6pm on Saturday, 26 May - was shot at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew over the course of a year, using 3D cameras. 

All three episodes will be broadcast simultaneously in 2D on Sky Atlantic, but having been filmed specifically for 3D you’ll want to get those glasses on.

sky and sir david attenborough bringing 3d to the plant world with new tv series image 2

Pocket-lint was lucky enough to see a preview of the first episode and, as you’d expect from a programme that Attenborough was involved with from start to finish, it’s simply mesmerising.

The slow-motion sequence of bats feeding off plants is particularly memorable (though this particular scene wasn't filmed in Kew Gardens), and we never had any idea how sinister the plant world could be.

The series will be available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray both in 2D and 3D, 30 days after the final episode has been televised and will also be shown in IMAX cinemas later this year.

Executive Producer and CEO of Atlantic Productions, Anthony Geffen, told Pocket-lint that later in the year, not only will a mobile app, with footage and additional content, be made available, but also 10 million Nintendo 3DS devices will receive a two-minute clip from the series.

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The first episode, Life in the Wet Zone will be aired on 26 May, followed by Solving the Secrets on 2 June and finally Survival on 9 June. 

You can read what Sir David thinks of 3D technology by reading our interview with the great man here.

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