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(Pocket-lint) - Sky is in the process of developing an app for the iPad that will let Sky+ users stream the saved shows and movies on their Sky box to their tablet.

In a candid one-two-one chat with Pocket-lint, Simon Rexworthy, controller of acquisitions at Sky Movies, said that an app was in development and coming soon.

Rexworthy wouldn't expand when pushed as to when "shortly" actually was, but suggested we wouldn't have long to wait.

"The app would let you watch what you've saved on the go," Rexworthy added.

We suspect the app would be very much welcomed by many an iPad-owning, Sky-using subscriber.

Such an app means that if you've remembered to save the movie or TV show, as long as you've got an internet connection, you could access your box to watch them it even if you weren't at home.

The promise of a new Sky app isn't the only thing new at Sky. The company has also shown Pocket-lint its plans for a new refresh to the Sky box EPG which is scheduled to be rolled out at the end of May. 

UPDATE: Sky has issued us the following clarification. While Sky's follow-up doesn't deny what Rexworthy says, it seems that "in development" doesn't mean coming as soon as we would have perhaps liked or hoped. Hold tight. 

“We are excited about the opportunities to further integrate our tablet and smartphone apps with the Sky set-top box.  And whilst we are looking at a range of emerging technologies that might enable us to offer Sky content out of the home in new ways, it’s a little too early to confirm what that experience might look like, or indeed when we might be able to bring them to customers.  However, we continue to innovate hard and have a strong pipeline of Sky+ app developments, including the forthcoming integration of zeebox functionality.”

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.