Sky has announced that it is continuing its partnership with Sir David Attenborough with a new three-part natural history series which tells the story of the remote Galapagos Islands.  

Galapagos 3D, which is scheduled to air on Sky 3D in late 2012, will be written and presented by Attenborough and is the first film to be produced by Colossus Productions - the production company formed by Sky and Atlantic Productions this summer.  

Galapagos 3D follows several successful collaborations between Sky and Atlantic Productions, including the BAFTA-winning Flying Monsters 3D, The Bachelor King 3D (which airs on Sky 3D on New Year’s Eve) and Kingdom of Plants 3D, a series based at Kew Gardens (due to air on Sky 3D next year). 

“Galapagos is one of the most wonderful places in the world. There are extraordinary creatures living there that live nowhere else - a whole slew of marvellous animals. But one of the things that make them even more extraordinary is that because the islands were not discovered by human beings until relatively recently, and they had remained isolated for so long, the animals still haven’t become frightened of human beings. You can walk among them carrying your own snap shot cameras or even carrying a 3D rig and they won’t go away. They continue behaving in just the way that they would do naturally. Galapagos is full of drama, full of charismatic creatures which you can film; it is a natural for 3D,” says David Attenborough on the news of the commission.