Time flies when you’re having fun. And that's exactly what you'll think when we tell you that Sky 3D is now a year old.

While Sky has yet to officially confirm how many people have signed up to the three dimensional offering; the biggest problem with convincing you 3D is the way to go is showing you a technology on a technology that isn’t capable of using that technology. In simple terms showing you 3D on a 2D screen.

In steps a new series of "on-air branding idents for the channel that truly reflects its breadth of content," says Geoff Trodd from Sky Creative. "We were given great freedom to experiment in developing the brief, especially having fun with what we affectionately call 'outies' (that’s 'negative parallax' for the techies among you!). 'Outies' are essentially the moments in the 3D experience when the picture reaches out to you, making you really feel that you’re a part of the action, rather than just a spectator."

The end result is a rhino that appears to be coming out of the screen even though it is not.

According to Trodd, the first set of idents, known as DNA, have been developed to capture the channel’s diverse content and find a bright and engaging way to represent this breadth as a key element of refreshing the brand.

The new logo and idents launch on the 1 October.

The team has also created a "how to" guide which will show customers how to get the best viewing experience from their 3D TVs.

7 days living with... Sky 3D