Sky has announced its latest web-savvy advertising campaign - using Twitter, billboards and train stations to appeal to bored commuters.

From 4pm to 10pm on Friday 30 September, rail stations including London’s King Cross, Liverpool Street, Piccadilly and Victoria, as well as Glasgow Central, Birmingham International and Leeds will see their billboards taken over by Sky and its #whatsonsky hashtag.

The idea is simple - you fire out a tweet using the hashtag and Sky will tweet you back a show suggestion. This will either be generically done by Sky's media agency, or if you pull enough weight on Twitter (i.e. you've got lots of followers) your reply will be personal; when you've previously indicated what you like to watch on the micro-blogging platform - this info will be used.

Either way, you'll be entered into a competition to win yourself a year's worth of free Sky programming.

"At Sky, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to make people aware of some of the great content across our channels, and happily over the last few years, the explosion of social media platforms has provided us with some innovative new ways of communicating with our customers," said Kathryn Drought, head of digital and social media.

Sky recently began using Twitter's promoted tweet function to advertise Glee, so it's clear that the company values the social impact of the platform.

Maybe Mr Murdoch should have waited a couple of years before wasting £370 million on MySpace. He could have bought himself a more tweety social network.