The Sky News iPad app has been so successful that Sky has now decided to cut the free trial; as it said it would when it launched earlier in the year, forcing the 500,000 who’ve downloaded the app to either sign up or miss out.

"I believe we've created a truly premium product that consumers genuinely value, and this week we are making some changes to how users can access it," writes Andrew Hawken, head of Digital Media, Sky News on the news.

For the 10.2 million Sky TV subscribers, it will continue to be available free of charge. All Sky subscribers need do is enter their unique Sky ID the first time they visit the app, however if you’ve been enjoying it without a Sky subscription will now have to start paying £4.99 on a monthly basis via iTunes.

Since launch Hawken says that Sky has continually refined the app, listening to feedback to ensure customers are getting what they want. Users will have noted enhancements to the navigation systems, simplification of the "Top Stories" section making it much faster, and the creation of more interactive infographics and touchable maps, with more features and improvements just around the corner.

Will you be paying up £4.99 a month for the app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

- Sky News iPad app hands-on