Sky Go has gone and given the common shopping trolley a hi-tech rethink and added an iPad, collision detection and set of speakers. 

The idea is that you can get your Sky Sports fix while out shopping and should something like transfer deadline day tomorrow get too engrossing, be saved from crashing via the collision detection system. 

Where the trolley gets really exciting is with the eco-friendly battery-charging system that can, in theory, recharge your iPad. We like the idea of quickly nipping into Sainsbury's, pretending to shop, only to get a little bit of extra juice into our tablet. There is also a tilting display for the iPad that allows you to watch the tablet from any angle. 

The brilliantly titled Sainsbury's trolley buyer, Brett Hart, had this to say about the new technology:

"We strive to make our customers’ lives simpler, which is why we’re looking at these new trolleys."

Exactly how the act of sticking a tablet on the back of a supermarket trolley is supposed to make your life simpler, we're not certain; however, if you do have a habit of visiting Sainsbury's for the express purpose of not shopping, then the addition of Sky Sports is a definite bonus. Then there's also the possibility that the collision sensor will be easily overlooked and the resultant crash will cause some nasty shin bruises.

Lucky Sky Sports News presenters Jim White and Charlotte Jackson got a chance to give the trolleys a whirl and from the looks of the picture, have resisted the temptation to go trolley dashing. 

Not sure if we will be seeing these new trolleys making an appearance in a Sainsbury's near you anytime soon. Still we can dream. Personally we hope for some kind of shopping trolley supermarket racing. You could even have an AR game that uses the iPad as a track and traces your race around the supermarket.

Sainsbury's Grand Prix, anyone?