UKTV, the company behind Dave, Watch, Gold, Good Food and the like (you know, all the channels you end up watching when you get back from the pub in the early hours) is launching its first video on demand platform - on Sky's Anytime+.

Virgin Media currently owns half of UKTV (along with the commercial arm of the BBC) so you may be forgiven for being puzzled as to why the cable company hasn't got dibs on the UKTV action. Virgin Media is looking to share its stake though, with Scripps Networks Interactive on the verge of a buyout according to reports.

Back to the action and the VOD platform will include "hundreds of hours" of programming, with a new set of shows every month and nine box sets a year (Fawlty Towers and Blackadder please UKTV).

Also, UKTV has announced three new HD channels for Sky - Watch HD and Dave HD will go live in October, with Alibi HD hitting your screens in 2012.

UKTV’s Executive Director, Commercial, Keith Porritt said: "We are thrilled to become Sky’s largest partner supplier of HD channels with High Definition versions of some of our leading channel brands, and it’s tremendously satisfying to be finally launching ours first VOD service this autumn.

"UKTV’s position in the market is so unique, that we’re confident our HD and VOD offerings will really add value to Sky and their customers."