Sky isn't messing about with this 3D-malarkey. If some critics thought its 3D channel might be a bit of a novelty and the wealth of high-quality content hasn't convinced them otherwise already, then maybe the announcement that the satellite broadcaster has formed its own 3D production company - Colossus Productions - might be enough to change their minds.

Colossus Productions is a joint effort with UK-based Atlantic Productions, a company Sky has worked with for 3D programming already - including a 3D, David Attenborough presented, botanical-based bonaza currently shooting at Kew Gardens and The Bachelor King 3D, a documentary about penguins in South Georgia due for a cinema release.

Sky has stated that, as well as contributing to its commitment to making more original UK content, it will also distribute the programs produced worldwide through partners such as MTV and the Discovery channel.

It has also confirmed that Disney's 3D films, such as Toy Story 3, Tron: Legacy, Mars Needs Moms, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Fright Night will all be shown on the Sky 3D channel as it has secured rights to an expanded range of 3D film titles.

The Sky 3D channel can be found on channel 217 - it's free to HD premium subscribers.

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