Sky has confirmed that it is working on a way to control its set-top-boxes using an Apple iPad. A new app will be launched within the next 12 months.

Spilling the beans on the application previously teased by Sky was David Gibbs, director of Mobile Apps and Services.

The Sky executive didn’t go into too many details, but told Pocket-lint during the Futuresource conference in London that it’s something that is being worked on right now.

Gibbs says that the reason for the move is that its Sky Planner is one of the most fought over things in the house and that many of its viewers find it frustrating to use while other members of the house are trying to watch television.

Of course, Sky already has an iPad app that lets you view the Sky box's EPG and record programmes by the company’s remote record feature. But the new app will be far more advanced. You will be able to control the box completely.

According to Gibbs, there are 1.2-1.5 million requests from Sky's current apps (70 per cent from mobile) to record programmes every week while people are away from the home, so the company knows that there's a massive cross over between its service and mobile devices.

sky ipad remote control app confirmed image 2

If that wasn’t enough to look forward to, Gibbs also teased that the company is building a dedicated Sky Sports app that will be a companion to football games on the company’s sports channel, and a dedicated Movie and Entertainment app.

No launch details are available for either, but we would have a guess at an August launch for the Sky Sports app in time for the new footy season.

As for the software itself, judging from the single slide showing the concept, users will be able to get stats on the players, the score, replays and plenty more.

We will keep you posted.

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