While making several steps to improve the UK's technology infrastructure and practices, including the commissioning of the Hargreaves Report into technology copyright laws, Prime Minister David Cameron has been caught out as being one or two steps behind the latest trends himself.

Hidden away in a picture of Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron taken in the PM's Downing Street private residence, and released by the White House, there are his and hers Apple iPads and an old Sky box. No iPad 2. No Sky HD.

And the shelf in the background is covered in DVDs, with one solitary Blu-ray; the Band of Brothers complete series box-set.

But, it's interesting to see what the PM's taste in movies and TV shows is, with a couple of series' of 24 in view, and a Michael McIntyre stand-up collection.

Although, are they really sure they want a copy of Desperate Housewives in the background of this particular photo?

Thanks to Mark for the spot.