The traditional TV channel as we know it could be doomed according to new figures out by Sky on Thursday.

It’s found that while 10 million viewers have watched it’s new Sky Atlantic channel, over half of them have merely recorded shows to watch at a later time rather than be constricted by when Sky schedules the broadcast.

"Over half of all viewing to the channel taking place on a time-shifted basis," Sky has confirmed.

The numbers are a massive shift in viewing habits.

Sky Atlantic launched on 1 February with the UK and Ireland premiere of HBO’s critically acclaimed ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and has since gone on to show Game of Thrones, Treme, Bored to Death as well as re-runs of shows like Battlestar Galactica and The Sopranos.

However the viewing figures could be done to the type of show Sky Altantic shows. Many of the popular choices are what we would call “Box-set television” whereby you settle in for an evening to watch an episode or two rather than have it on in the background.

Anyone that’s tried to watch The Wire, also from HBO and expected on Sky Atlantic shortly, will know that you can’t multitask and watch it at the same time.

Sky hasn’t said whether the time-shifting phenomenon is occurring on other channels to the same extent.

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