Sky has announced its latest results to the City on Thursday, and while there are lots of boring numbers about performance involved, HD viewing is on the up. 

According to Sky, 36 per cent of it’s customers now take the company's HD subscription package giving the company a 47 per cent increase compared to last year and brings the total to 3.7 million homes with a Sky HD subscription.

The number is good news for Sky because it not only shows that it still has plenty of growth to go in that market, but that people are finally starting to adopt HD in a big way thanks to new Sky boxes like the Sky 1TB set-top box.

Sky now offers over 50 HD channels and has recently updated the EPG (electronic programme guide) so HD channels where available replace the traditionally SD versions of the same channel (annoyingly it excludes the BBC and Channel 4). 

Of course the naysayers will comment that any stat can be turned, and that if you looked at it in a negative way some 6.4m homes (Sky now has over 10m subscribers in total) in the UK are still paying to watch television in Standard Definition, but that’s just depressing.

Sky has yet to go full HD for all it’s services. Sky Anytime+, it’s video on demand service, still only offers SD recordings, even though you need Sky Broadband subscription.

Still that hasn't stopped people signing up for it. According to the figures 26% of customers now take all three TV, broadband, and telephone services from the broadcaster.

However missing from the results is any word on the company's 3D efforts. Sky doesn't currently charge for the 3D service aside from pay per view movies, but it's clearly keeping quiet on whether it's working or not.

Oh and those boring numbers? Revenue is up 14% to £4.8bn and EBITDA up 19%.