Sky is to give its 3D customers a chance to check out Kylie Minogue’s bottom in 3D, after confirming that it will be filming her Aphrodite-Les Folies Tour for broadcast in June.

Those who didn’t manage to get tickets, or just want to relive the excitement again, will be able to do so on 19 June.

The 90-minute programme features Kylie performing fans' favourite hits including Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, Better The Devil You Know, Slow and All The Lovers; as well as multiple costume changes and 30 fountains projecting water 30 metres into the air.  

"I’m so proud of this tour, everyone has pulled out the stops to give my fans a truly unique concert experience. So I’m excited we have been able to use the power of 3D TV to give audiences at home the chance to get a front row experience,” says Kylie.

The Aphrodite-Les Folies show has astounded thousands of concert goers across the globe with its elaborate costumes from Dolce & Gabbana and a heart-shaped stage with over a million moving parts enabling her dancers to float above the audience.

“If ever a show was made for 3D it is Aphrodite-Les Folies. From the costumers to the choreographer and the fountains to the flying angel, Kylie has excelled herself. Fans of Kylie are in for a treat – it will feel as if the concert is taking place in their living rooms,” said John Cassy, Channel Director of Sky 3D.

Sky has also said that the 90-minute show will be shown in 2D too, so no one has the excuse of missing out.

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