Sky has released details of its latest incentive to temp people away from the evil lure* of Virgin Media - a free multiroom HD box.

The new, smaller, bedroom friendly box is free when you take out a HD subscription. An extra HD subscription that is though - so you'd still need to cough up £10.25 a month for your multiroom feed, as well as an additional £10.25 for the HD pack.

Basically, all you're saving is the £199 it would cost you to buy an additional Sky HD+ box (or however much you could pick one up for on eBay). And you'd be missing out on any PVR action as the new box is simply a playback device, with no HDD or recording features.

We don't really understand why Sky still insists on this doubling up of the HD fees for multiroom customers. With standard SD Sky, your multiroom deal mirrors the channels you pay for on your main box - it's only when it comes to HD that you're expected to cough up twice.

Hilary Perchard, Sky’s director of Product Management, said: “We want to offer customers as much choice as possible, both in terms of content and innovation. Therefore, as the appetite for HD viewing grows we want to make this service available to customers throughout the house so they are always able to watch great content in high definition.”

We like your talk Hilary, we just wish we could get HD in every room (as we can with other premium services like sport and movies) without having to pay through the nose.

*Evil lure was used to give the opening sentence some pizazz, we hope you enjoyed its inclusion. In no way do we think Virgin Media is evil, in fact we're big fans.