Sky is said to be readying targeted adverts for its customers - based on their viewing habits, location and the package they subscribe too.

And we're not talking about online viewing here, we're talking adverts during live broadcasts via your usual TV.

The system would use the secondary hard drive of the existing HD boxes (after a software upgrade) to store adverts that would then be played to you during the ad breaks.

UK law prevents Sky from targeting individuals specifically so the system would be based on a blind match up to a sample panel of people with similar demographics. This means that you could be getting adverts that are completely different to what the Joneses next door are getting.

The fact that you would only see adverts relevant to you would mean that Sky could charge brands more, as their adverts should be better received.

"There is potentially an £80m market in regional ad spend we can tap into," said Jeremy Tester, commercial director at BSkyB.

The system is already being used for Sky Anytime broadcasts, although Tester said the HD boxes in people's living rooms now would need some software updates before they are ready for live TV targeted ads.

He said: "There is middleware inside the set-top box that is not yet ready to deliver live targeted ads. We do plan to test systems towards the end of 2012, taking it to market in 2013."

And when it does, we'll be watching. And if an advert for an adult TV channel comes up, we'll have some explaining to do to Mrs. Pocket-lint.

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