BSkyB has delivered its latest financial results, and at the same time confirmed that it has completed the purchase of Wi-Fi hotspot company, The Cloud.

The deal was said to have cost Sky less than £50 million and will pave the way for Wi-Fi access on the move for its Mobile TV customers. Sky could also open up The Cloud to Sky broadband customers, in the same way that BT broadband customers get access to BT Openzone hot-spots. 

"The Cloud is a good way to bring additional capability into the business," said Andrew Griffith, chief financial officer at BSkyB. “Increasingly our customers desire to take their content with them on the move.”

You may have read earlier this week that O2 is planning a public Wi-Fi assault of its own, with free access for all and the telecom giant contacted Pocket-lint to give us its view on the Sky/Cloud deal.

"As a pioneer of Wi-Fi in the UK, we welcome new entrants to the Wi-Fi market - increased competition can only be a good thing for the consumer," read the statement from Gavin Franks, MD O2 Wi-Fi, Telefónica O2 UK.

"For too long, public Wi-Fi has fallen short of consumers' needs and expectations. That's why we are creating a Wi-Fi network that is three times faster than most, requires one sign-up, and is open to absolutely everyone for free."

Bring it on is the message from O2 then, it seems, and with BT also firmly in the market, it could be an interesting few months ahead for mobile surfers. Watch this space.