Sky has launched an iPad version of its Sky Remote + app on Monday, bringing the features found in the iPhone app to the Apple tablet.

The new app will feature a visually rich discovery experience where you might browse for much longer; you can also schedule recordings, and get recommendations, Sky’s Brian Lenz, director of TV Product Development, told Pocket-lint.

“I believe that converge to consistence experiences across screens is the way forward”.

The new free app, which is available now in the app store, will introduce Sky iPad customers to a new way of interacting with their TV, rather than having to rely on the on-screen EPG.

“What we will be able to do is to create a companion TV experience,” explains Lenz . "In the future people will be able to vote directly from the tablet while watching the programme on the TV”.

Lenz claims that those who want to are already starting to cobble together lots of different elements, such as the app that allows you to see what other movies the actors you’re watching were in.

“You get to enjoy the show on the screen you want to watch it on”.

Lenz believes that the new app, which will also act as a TV guide that highlights certain programmes, will be a place to present content.

“It’s a TV guide that’s easier to scroll through channels. If you want to sit down and schedule your TV for the week, do you want to do it on your TV or on the iPad? We think the iPad".

When asked whether the app could actually do more than just request programmes to record, Lenz told Pocket-lint “not in that version”, before suggesting that it was something they were working on.

We asked:

“Do you think that’s something....”

To which he replied:

“Yes. It’s one of those things, yeah, we want to get it right”.

Unfortunately due to EPG limitations from broadcasters like the BBC that only provide 7 days of programming, you’ll only be able to look to the week ahead. However for big events Lenz says Sky is working on a way to be able to bookmark them, perhaps in a similar way to the company’s Never Miss service that allows Sky customers to be notified when their favourite show or movie is due on air. 

The app is available now.