Sir David Attenborough's partnership with Sky 3D is set to continue as Sky has announced a second documentary called Penguin Island 3D - following in the footsteps of Flying Monsters 3D.

The feature documentary is being produced by Atlantic Productions and will premier on Sky 3D before being released in cinemas around the world.

Penguin Island 3D is a dramatic look into the world of King penguins promising romance, in-fighting and high drama, all set on the spectacular and uninhabited island of South Georgia.

According to the makers, it will, "offer intimate access to the lives of the birds as they lead their families through the trials and tribulations of life on the edge of Antarctica. The film also features the wildlife which co-habits the penguins’ extraordinary icy world".

Commenting on Penguin Island 3D, Sir David Attenborough said: "South Georgia is one of the most extraordinary and least appreciated places for wildlife in the world. King penguins are particularly interesting because they are so big that the chicks can’t grow to adult dimensions and strength to go to sea within a year. The landscape and wildlife of South Georgia is very dramatic, and I think it will look absolutely mind-blowing in 3D".

If you want to catch the Flying Monsters 3D documentary, Sky will be airing the programme this Christmas on the Sky 3D channel.

Pocket-lint was lucky enough to sit down with Sir David Attenborough at the premiere of Flying Monsters 3D.