Good news 3D fans, Sky's 3D channel is likely to remain free (well, free if you're on the HD package at least) for a considerable time, according to the channel's director John Cassy, who spoke with Pocket-lint.

"We're quite a long way ahead of the curve, it's the first proper 3D channel that's launched in Europe", he said.

"We've got a lot of great customers and it's a way of really rewarding our most valuable customers. It's available to anybody with a box who wants to take a top package".

Cassy was also keen to stress that there was more to Sky's 3D than just sport. He promised that top movies would be on the way, but stopped short of naming specific ones (i.e. Avatar). "We are talking to all the studios", he said.

However, for those of you hoping to see a bit of Sky 3D action, via Sky Player on your 3D laptop, we've got a bit of bad news - there are no plans to port the platform as of yet.

When questioned on the subject Cassy replied: "Not at this point no. What we're focused on is delivering 3D to people's living rooms. We're broadcasting a HD signal via a set-top box, and that's all we're focused on at the moment".

Cassy was speaking on the eve of an event Sky put on down at Greenwich to promote the premiere of The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System. Ahead of the History Channel programme's airing, Sky 3D bought the solar system to life above London’s sky line with nine giant illuminated helium filled balloons.

The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System is part of the 3D entertainment line up for Sky and will air on 24 October at 9pm.

Sky 3D can be found on channel 217.

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