Due to launch on Friday (1 October), Sky 3D is set to pave the way for three-dimensional TV broadcasts. We've already covered the full list of 3D programmes announced by Sky earlier this week, which will include original programmes, sports and movies, but if you want an at-a-glance guide to the highlights then read on.

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Golf fans will be pleased to hear that the famous tournament will be the first major sporting event to get the 3D treatment from Sky. As well as getting a healthy dose of the action from Celtic Manor, you'll get an invaluable chance to see how the putts and long shots benefit from the depth created by a 3D broadcast.

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It's safe to say that football will be the biggest draw for many of those considering investing in Sky 3D. Games shown in pubs and clubs across the country have already whetted the appetite of footie fans and shown them exactly what 3D is capable of. There will be several big games shown during October and November including Liverpool v Chelsea and the north London derby.

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The annual England internationals against the southern hemisphere teams, including New Zealand and Australia, are always an entertaining affair and are even more important this year as manager Martin Johnson looks ahead to next year's World Cup. Watching rugby in 3D looks set to be a full-on experience that might fool you into thinking that you're bang in the middle of the scrum. Ouch.

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As big boxing matches go, this is definitely not the one that we would've chosen to showcase television's move into the 3rd dimension. Harrison's fortunes have taken something of a nosedive since he turned pro after winning the Olympic gold in 2000, and walked his way through a series of spectacularly dull wins. Having said that, David 'The Hayemaker' Haye has a much more convincing pedigree, and we'd be very surprised if this one doesn't end with an early TKO. Whatever happens, it's going to look awesome in 3D.

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There are several big-name films that are scheduled for Sky 3D's opening, but we're really looking forward to seeing Coraline. Previously available in disappointing anaglyphic 3D on DVD, this dark fable boasts a fantastic mix of stop-motion animation and CGI resulting in a film that's full of colourful graphics with plenty of depth. In short, the perfect film to view in 3D.

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Sky's first original 3D commission, Flying Monsters 3D is written and presented by veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough and focuses on pterosaurs - flying vertebrates with a wingspan of up to 45 feet who lived 200 million years ago. It promises to be wonderfully immersive and if Sir David's previous work is anything to go by, probably one of the best things you'll see on TV all year.

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We can hardly contain our excitement about seeing Toy Story 3 in 3D at home. In January 2011 Sky 3D will exclusively broadcast all three Toy Story films with Toy Story 3 being available pay-per view and Toy Story 1 and 2 at no extra cost. To infinity and beyond!

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Virgin Media has also just announced the launch of its 3D Movies on Demand service, available to anyone with a Virgin HD or HD+ box. There's only one film on offer at the moment - StreetDance 3D - with more titles coming soon.

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