If you hadn't heard, Sky are launching it's 3D television service at the start of October allowing current Sky HD subscribers to experience the next generation of television from the comfort of their own sofa without having to go down the pub or head to the cinema.

However Sky thinks that the concept of watching something three-dimensional might be a bit much for some and so have got gadget man de jour, Stephen Fry, to present a quick eight minute video telling viewers what it's all about in as simple way as possible.

Trouble is, Fry believes he invented 3D TV and isn't having any of it otherwise. 

The video, which is available on Sky's own website as well as being pushed to Sky subscribers via the Anytime service doesn't give much information beyond the basics, but it should go someway to helping you understand 3D TV if you really are baffled.

What you need to know is that there are two types of 3D TV, Passive and Active. Passive feature glasses that are like sunglasses and are cheap to produce, Active sets feature glasses that will probably set you back around £50 a pop.

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