Sky has signed a deal with US premium cable network HBO that will see the station's hit shows, including the entire back-catalogue, appearing exclusively on its channels.

The deal, which has cost Rupert and the board around £150 million, means that repeats of blockbuster shows such as The Wire, The Sopranos and Sex in The City will be shown across Sky's channels and that new shows, such as the upcoming Martin Scorsese drama Boardwalk Empire, will be shown on Sky first.

If you didn't watch The Wire or The Sopranos when they were first broadcast on BBC 2 and Channel 4 then you're in for a treat. You're also in for a constant battle with your Sky+ planner, making sure that it never gets filled up.

A BSkyB spokesman told The Daily Mail that the HBO deal "is part of Sky's bid to ramp up its non-sport output".

If it means re-airings of HBO classics then we're all for it. And if HBO continue to produce high-quality programming then it really is a double win.

Here are Pocket-lint's top 5 HBO shows - make sure you watch them when they are repeated on Sky.

1. The Sopranos - like the best gangster movie you've ever seen, but 86 times in a row.

2. The Wire - many people give up after the first couple of episodes because they find it hard to keep up with the plot. Don't make this mistake. Your dedication will be rewarded.

3. Curb your Enthusiasm - Larry David is the perfect example of what society would be like if people didn't give a toss about social protocols. 

4. The Life and Times of Tim - The funniest cartoon to come out of the States since Family Guy.

5. Generation Kill - Gritty Iraq war drama from the writers of The Wire.

What is your favourite HBO show? Give us a shout in the comments below to let us know if we missed your personal choice off of our list.