For 8 years Freeview viewers have been able to keep up to date with all the goings on in the world of sport by watching Sky Sports News. But that is all set to end as Sky has announced that it will be taking the channel off of the Freeview line-up and replacing it with Sky 3+1.

So it's bye bye to the gorgeous Georgie Thompson, and hello to Zoo Vet At Large. Oh dear.

The move comes because Sky is planning to incorporate Sky Sports News into its sports subscription packages, thus providing more funds for the channel. Reports suggest a new improved studio and better outside broadcasts, and there's also an impeding HD launch.

"As part of a subscription service, customers can look forward to expanded coverage and the launch of Europe's first HD sports news service", said the Sky Sports managing director, Barney Francis.

Sure, Sky Sports News is annoying at times, especially when the rolling yellow ticker goes into overdrive with news that isn't really that important, and when they hype the crap out of transfer deadline day, but it's also a reliable sports service that a lot of Freeview viewers rely on. Not least for when it broadcasts Soccer Saturday featuring the excellent Jeff Stelling.

It's a bitter blow for sports fans, and one that is made all the more sour by the fact that it's being replaced by a channel which specialises in repeats and re-airings of mediocre shows from Sky 1.

Are you annoyed by this announcement? Are you a regular viewer of Sky Sports News? And, more importantly, is Georgie still the number one SSN girl or has her crown been taken by Charlotte Jackson? Let us know using the comments feature below.