Ah, isn't it nice to see Sky and Virgin Media getting along? We told you all about the two media giants agreeing a deal that will see Sky acquiring VMtv and Virgin subscribers getting some extra Sky channels in return. Now there's news of discount subscriptions for Virgin Media customers for Sky's premium channels.

If you want a single Sky Sports or Sky Movies package, the cost is now £13.50 for Virgin Media TV customers on M+, L or XL TV packages. If you want the lot when it comes to sport it's £20.50 a month - a saving of up to £42 per year.

Movie lovers will be able to save to £84 per year on Sky Movies channels. All of the Sky Movies channels in the Collection range will set you back £19.50 per month. If you're particular with your film interests you can be a bit more picky and save yourself a further £6 a month by dropping a few channels.

We're all for this Sky and Virgin Media love-in continuing if it means better deals for you lot.

Sky and Virgin sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g........