Last week we told you how Sky had expanded its Sky Player service to FetchTV's Freeview+ Smartbox 8000 and now it looks as if the PS3, and also possibly the Wii, may be getting some Sky Player action too.

Until recently Sky Player was only available via PCs and Xbox 360s, but a number of set top box manufacturers are now also providing the service. Sky’s online TV service is coming to Cello LCD TVs, and 3View's digital and IPTV set-top boxes. Humax will also be offering Sky Player via its Freeview boxes.

Sky's VOD chief Griff Parry has told TechRadar: "We are looking to extend distribution of Sky Player widely via partnerships with key players in key categories".

When asked directly whether this meant a possible tie-up with the PS3 or the Wii, Parry said: "Games consoles is obviously one of those key categories, so what you would expect is probably true".

The VOD market is expanding rapidly as a result of successful ventures such as the iPlayer, Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Blinkbox. And with Google's huge announcement regarding its TV service at I/O last week, the signs are there that this is a key area for the future of home cinema. It, therefore, would makes sense for Sky to offer its service across multiple platforms.

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