As of June 1, British broadcaster Sky is to upgrade all of its existing broadband customers to (up to) 20Mbps, and streamline its packages to two simple offerings. The company is also going to give all Sky TV and telephone line subscribers the highest speeds possible for free.

Sky has created two broadband options to suit all of its customers' needs, with Sky Everyday Lite aimed at those who casually browse the internet, and Sky Unlimited for the more hardcore 'net user.

Everyday Lite will be free to all Sky TV customers with Sky Talk, but will be capped with a 2GB monthly download limit, whereas, for an extra £7.50 per month, the Unlimited plan is completely open ended for massive use.  It comes with no usage caps, fair use policies or traffic management, and it is essentially created for those who want to use Sky Player video-on-demand services.

Of course, the Digital Economy Bill will still be in effect, but Sky pledges not to slow down traffic, even at busy times of the day.