Humax has announced a deal with Sky that'll see the broadcaster's Sky Player on-demand TV system added to the manufacturer's newest range of set-top boxes. That includes the HD-FOX T2, which is the first Freeview HD box that's available in Britain.

The setup gives Sky-subscribing owners of Humax boxes access to the company's live TV channels, as well as its video-on-demand service. If you already have a Sky box, then you'll be able to add your Humax box to a second (or third, or fourth) TV and get your Sky content there too.

Sky's director of all things on-demand, Griff Parry, told Pocket-lint: "In providing both new and existing customers with more choice and control over how they access Sky content, we continue to harness secure and high-quality distribution platforms like Humax.  We know that many Sky homes also have Freeview in other rooms, and this provides a great way for them to enjoy Sky away from their Sky box.  And for new customers, particularly those in Freeview homes, it provides an innovative new access point to Sky’s high-quality pay TV content".