Sky has announced four more live Premier league fixtures to be broadcast in 3D during April.

All the matches will involve the three title challengers and gives 3D and football fans alike something to look forward to - especially for those who were impressed by the 3D footage of the Manchester United v Chelsea match earlier in the month.

Brian Lenz, Sky’s director of product design and TV product development said:  "As the title race builds to its dramatic conclusion, football fans nationwide will be able to see all three main challengers live in 3D this month.  Last Saturday over a hundred thousand people witnessed the ground breaking launch of Sky 3D".

The four confirmed live 3D fixtures are:
Sun 11 April: Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United
Wed 14 April: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
Sat 17 April: Manchester City v Manchester United
Sun 25 April: Chelsea v Stoke  City

So if you haven't done so already find out where your next 3D match is being held and get down to the pub to find out what all the fuss is about.