Sky has openly criticized Project Canvas, the on demand over the internet TV service supported by the BBC in an open letter in the Guardian.

Mike Darcey, BSkyB's chief operating officer, used the paper to criticize the need for the service that won't include the broadcaster.

"When the sector is at such an embryonic stage of development, I struggle to understand why we need a new, publicly subsidised platform in the shape of the BBC and BT-backed Project Canvas venture, which is under review by the BBC Trust".

Before launching into an attack of the use of public money to build, grow and promote the service:

"What we do stand firmly against is the use of public money in a way that distorts fair competition or undermines the scope for other innovative services to emerge in the future.

"Taking in turn the three main elements of the Canvas project – adopting common technical standards, specifying a consistent user interface and bringing internet-connected TV to more consumers – there appears to be no need for the licence fee to be redirected in this way."

Darcey's suggestion? "Rather than replicating what would otherwise occur naturally, the BBC could put the licence fee to better use by creating outstanding content and, importantly, making it available without discrimination on all platforms".

Is the company just whining because they aren’t included or do they have a point? Let us know in the comments below.