Sky's 3D TV debut for the general public took place on 31 January, with a premier league football match shown off on special 3D TVs in nine pubs across the UK.

While the location of the pubs were a closely guarded secret, those that did manage to blag a spot in front of a 3D display have revealed what they thought about the experience, while we've managed to get hold of some snaps that give you an idea of the action too.

So here's what a selection of punters from Cardiff, Manchester and Edinburgh thought about the 3D screening of the Arsenal vs Manchester United match:

"It's brilliant, the corner and back of the goal views are just amazing. It makes the game so much better. If it's in 3D then I would definitely be more likely to come to the pub to watch sport".
Kate Cobley, 27

"I really enjoyed it - I could get used to this and would love to watch sport in 3D at home".
Steve Nobes, 21

"I was very excited to watch the game in 3D - it really enables you to get more involved in the action. It makes watching sports in the pub more fun".
Lydia Duncan, 26

"It was phenomenal - far better than I thought it would be. You feel so involved in the game, part of the action. This is the way football should be seen".
Greg Hatton, 31

"It just looks incredible on screen; really amazing, I think everyone is going to want to watch football in 3D now".
Hannah Whiteman, 25

"It's such a great experience, you forget about wearing the glasses and just sucked into the action on the screen - it really adds something to the game and you feel like you're there in the stadium with the players. I am a die hard Man U fan and 3-1 in 3D equals FANTASTIC RESULT!"
Harry Thorne, 25

"The shots from the crowd and behind the goal make it feel like you're there. Spectacular".
Gary Lunt, 38

"Great clarity of picture.  It's a spectacular way to watch football... it's like I'm on the pitch".
Billy, 31

Meanwhile, on the negative side one complaint we've seen - apart from the price of the sets - is that the 3D image and its impact is best if you are standing directly in front of the TV. "If you step to the side or sit down, it gets a bit blurry", Dublin pub goer Ger Madden told The Guardian.