Sky has announced that it'll be launching its 3D television channel in April, and that it'll be giving a special preview of the service on 31 January, by screening the Arsenal vs Manchester United match in nine pubs across the country.

The Premier League clash will be shown in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin, in venues that have been fitted with the first 3D displays to be made available in Britain. As more models roll out, Sky will be pushing its 3D channel to more pubs from April, which is when the 3D channel rolls out publicly.

The game will be shot by eight 3D camera rigs containing 16 3D cameras, for stereoscopic shots from almost any angle. A 3D production team and purpose-built 3D OB truck will allow mixing between cameras, replays, and 3D graphics. The 3D broadcast will have a dedicated commentary team.

The service will be available on all existing Sky+HD boxes, and it'll be free of charge to people subscribing to Sky's most expensive package and the Sky HD pack. Sky hasn't specified, but presumably it'll cost you something if you don't fit those criteria. Prices haven't been announced, but as soon as we get them we'll let you know. Oh, and you'll need some form of 3DTV too.

Sky Sports' MD told Pocket-lint: "Sky Sports has a proud history of innovation, from the simple clock and scoreline in the comer of the screen through to high definition. It's fitting that we're pioneering this new, revolutionary development in broadcasting".

Update: On further enquiry, it seems that Sky is keeping the names of the pubs that'll be broadcasting the match in 3D secret, so that they don't get overwhelmed. Bit of a pain, but try your local on Sunday anyway - you never know - you might get lucky.