Sky has overhauled its iPhone remote app introducing a bevy of new features as well as completely redesigning the interface.

The app, that originally let you access the Sky Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and let you remote record programmes on your Sky Plus box while you were down the pub will now let you view the information in a range of new views (landscape or portrait, grid or list) and watch live links to Mobile TV.

Customers looking to upgrade their Sky TV package will also be able to avoid the call centre and do it from the phone.

If that wasn't enough to keep you busy on the go, you'll also be able to create a "favourite" channel list as well as just surf for schedule information on HD channels.

However the app falls short of allowing you to actually watch live television from your iPhone, even just over a Wi-Fi network.

Version 2.0 is available in the UK Apple App Store from Thursday. It is a free app although you will need a Sky subscription package and box to access the features.