Sky has issued a release confirming that its coming-soon Sky 3D TV service, which is due to launch later in the year, "will be compatible with a wide range of 3D Ready TVs being launched in the UK and Ireland during 2010".

Sky reveals that at CES, just about to officially kick off in Vegas, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony will all announce they are to produce "3D Ready" TVs this year.

Sky's existing Sky+HD boxes will be able to receive 3D TV, so Sky says customers "will only need" to upgrade their TV set.  

The new "3D ready" TVs will mean Sky+HD customers will be able to watch both high definition and 3D services from the same TV set, says Sky.
Sky has also wheeled forth a set of execs from the TV companies with sound bites about their new products. Stephen Gater, head of marketing home entertainment, at LG says: "This year will see LG's first 3D Ready TVs hit the market – and through Sky’s clear commitment to 3D broadcasting, 3D in the home is set to become a reality".

Andrew Denham the marketing director at Panasonic adds: "Panasonic is delighted to support the introduction of Sky’s 3D TV service in 2010 with a range of compatible Full HD 3D Viera plasma televisions incorporating high precision active shutter glasses for an unparalleled viewing experience".

Samsung's Rob Shaw chimes in with: "In 2010 we will offer 3D ready capability in all our TV screen technologies, including LED, LCD and PDP".

Finally Yoshihisa Ishida of Sony comes on board with: "We are excited to have Sky's 3D TV service available for users of 3D compatible Bravia LCD TVs in UK and in Ireland".