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(Pocket-lint) - Sharp has announced that it will begin selling its 8K televisions from this October. While this is exciting for the future of TV, it's a treat reserved for the rich.

The 85-inch Sharp LV-85001 8K television will cost a hefty $133,000 which is about £86,000 to buy. It offers a resolution that’s 16 times that of 1080p.

The 8K resolution is a hefty 7680 x 4320 which, on an 85-inch screen, equates to 104ppi. This is a lot for a screen this large. It should mean an offering that has such high pixel density that it appears to offer depth. We've seen an 8K screen and can attest to this as being true, it's a bit like looking through a window rather than at a screen.


The Sharp screen won't have a lot of content to watch on it initially, even though YouTube has started offering some 8K content. It's thought that the screens will mostly be bought by broadcasters wishing to test transmission of its content.

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The only broadcaster that has announced 8K broadcasting plans is Japan's NHK. It streamed the World Cup in Brazil and plans to start public satellite transmitted testing in 2016.

The 8K Sharp TV currently requires all four HDMI cables to be plugged into the source for enough bandwidth. Perhaps a new HDMI will be coming to support this format too. Despite going on sale it's still very early adopter stuff.

While 8K might seem early, with 4K still making its way into homes and content delivery, Samsung has reportedly created an 11K display. When this will arrive is unclear but it's likely more as a testbed to improve production so 8K can be made more efficiently. 

The Sharp LV-85001 8K TV will be available to buy from October.

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