(Pocket-lint) - After a series of leaked images hitting the 'net last week, the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer is finally here and you can see the dramatic improvements to the character model above.

The previous trailer caused a social media storm when it appeared in May, as the design of Sonic was labelled both creepy and too far removed from the videogame version.

In particular, it was his human-like teeth that freaked everyone out.


Paramount Pictures

Now, even though the main character still sports teeth, his overall look is much friendlier and more accurate. Paramount Pictures, Sega and director Jeff Fowler will be hoping for a much better response second time around.


Paramount Pictures

The film originally had a November 2019 release date, but the work to change the graphics throughout clearly took their toll. It will now hit theatres on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2020. A romantic treat for your loved one, for sure.

Paramount has also released the new poster for the movie, which matches the leaked version we saw last week.

Paramount Pictures

Sonic The Hedgehog also stars Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik in true Ace Ventura mode, while James Marsden plays Sonic's friend in the real world. Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) supplies the voice of our favourite blue, spiky erinaceidae.

Writing by Rik Henderson.