When the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer appeared online earlier this week, who would have thought that it would cause such consternation? But the internet went bonkers over aspects of the lead, animated character.

Game fans and the Twittersphere went crazy over Sonic's big screen design - not least his creepy human teeth - with many a meme popping up, including some cool fan-altered redesigns.

Well, it seems that the director of the film, Jeff Fowler, has listened to the backlash. He has tweeted to say that the animation team will redesign the character before the movie hits theatres in November.

Hopefully, that'll mean his eyes become more Sonic-like and those teeth are altered drastically. Then we wouldn't have that nightmarish image of him stuck in our noggins.

We might even be able to put up with Dr Robotnik invoking the spirit of Ace Ventura if that's the case. And ignore the fact that by "hero" Sonic causing a worldwide powercut, he unleashes a global genocide on any babies and sick people relying on life support. Maybe.

Still, you have to admire a director actually listening to the fans and doing something to his film in response. Shame we can't get Justin Kurzel to retrospectively reshoot almost the entire Assassin's Creed movie.