Samsung is to launch a new LCD television boasting 400Hz technology at the forthcoming IFA event, "several sources" tell website FlatpanelsHD.

The new technology is described as a step up from Samsung's existing 200Hz technology, although with a different underlying frame insertion method.

Such high Hertz TVs use advanced algorithms to insert extra frames in between the images being displayed to create the effect of much smoother motion.

The new 400Hz (or 480Hz for the US market) will insert very short black frames between the original picture frames being displayed which will in effect, trick the eye into seeing this smoother result.

Some critics of such technology argue that the human eye struggles to differentiate between 100Hz and 200Hz televisions which would render a 400Hz model a little over the top.

If such models are on display at the IFA event, which Pocket-lint is attending, we will bring you more from the show floor.