Samsung has slammed Sony, Philips and Sharp claiming their engineers aren't up to scratch.

The comment, referring to the need for a separate box for the picture processing electronics, come as all three companies launch ultra-slim televisions - but with a separate box - at IFA in Berlin

"Maybe they need better engineers", Andy Griffiths, director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK told Pocket-lint in an interview.

"You are unlikely to see a separate box system from Samsung", confirmed Griffiths. "We don't see the need to compromise and getting the information and signal from one device to the other is a quality issue we aren’t prepared to consider."

Samsung used the show to preview its own ultra-slim television range with a one-piece design that some say looks like the back of an iPhone.

The new models, which will be commercially available at the beginning of next year, promise thin dimensions without the extra box of tricks.