Samsung says it's showing "where TV is headed" at this year's IFA showing two OLED televisions, a super-slim 52-incher, a quadruple full-HD LCD TV and a 200Hz LCD TV on its IFA stand.

The OLEDs on show are a 14.1-inch and 31-inch model that Samsung says are being presented as a "finished TV product that features an elegant, optimised design".

In fact, Andy Griffiths, vice president of consumer electronics for Samsung, told Pocket-lint that the OLEDs are "ready to rock", it's just the high price point that has stopped the company launching them to consumers, although they are planned to be available in 2010.

Samsung's OLEDs boast a contrast ratio of 1 million to one, colour gamut of 107% and brightness of 550cd/m2.

Also showcased is Samsung's 1-inch thick 52-inch LCD TV that's slated for mass production next year.

In what will no doubt be a confusing development for the average consumer, Samsung is also demoing "quadruple full-high definition", or QFHD, that boasts a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels, four times greater than that for a typical high-definition display. Samsung will unveil the world’s largest 82-inch QFHD LCD TV to date.

Finally, the company will also show a 200Hz LCD TV which claims to produce sharper videos with less image-sticking effects by increasing the number of still images per second from 60 to 200.

The 200Hz LCD TV, which is available in 40-, 46- and 52-inch sizes, will be unveiled for the first time at IFA 2008.