Samsung's SP-A800B projector is now available for American homes.

Built around a Texas Instruments 1080p DLP chip, it delivers full high-definition 1080p.

Claims for the new machine include "the industry’s richest and most detailed picture", and "premium colour accuracy".

In addition to its native resolution of 1920 x 1080, the SP-A800B offers a 95% aperture ratio, a 16 microsecond (0.016 millisecond) response time and a film mode with a frame rate of 24 frames per second.

And it features a native contrast ratio of 10,000:1, "providing stunning blacks and conveying dynamic shadowing details that result in high-definition film quality and stability", says the manufacturer.

No price as yet and it looks like it's just going to be available over the Atlantic for the moment, but we'll keep you posted with any rumours of a European launch.