Samsung has announced that it has developed the world's first "Blue Phase" LCD panel that will offer more natural moving images with an unprecedented image-driving speed of 240 Hertz - double the rate of current gen LCDs.

The Korean company is planning to unveil a 15-inch model of its Blue Phase LCD panel at a display event in LA later this month, but has said that it does not expect to begin mass producing televisions with the tech until 2011.

Unlike traditional LCD, the new Blue Phase mode can make its own alignment layers, eliminating the need for any mechanical alignment and rubbing processes which means the displays are cheaper to produce.

"Our Blue Phase mode is a major evolutionary development beyond conventional liquid crystal modes", said
executive VP Souk Jun-hyung, the head of LCD Business' Display R&D Center.

"Samsung's development of the technology provides a tremendous opportunity to move image quality of LCD screens much closer to that of a real moving image."