This isn't news to regular Pocket-lint readers, as we revealed the company's future stance during January's CES show, but Samsung, maker of dual format HD disc players, will now focus on Blu-ray.

Following the news that Warner was to go Blu-ray-only, Anthony Marbella, chief marketing officer for Samsung had told Pocket-lint in January that Samsung: "Will support all formats, but with the news from Warner Bros we will put an emphasis on Blu-ray. We will make what consumers want".

When asked whether consumers wanted the Blu-ray over HD DVD, Marbella responded: "Yes, especially with the shift in content to come".

The "Korea Times" is now reporting that Samsung is expected to accelerate its efforts to strengthen Blu-ray products since last week's US retailer defections and the rumoured news that Toshiba is to imminently pull the plug on the struggling format.

"Samsung is expected to show more interests in Blu-ray products than rival HD DVDs", the news source quotes a Samsung official saying.